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Orchard Grimsby    - 01472 898498

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School Principal - Mike BurtonSchool Principal - Mike Burton 

Principal's Vision


            ''To create an engaging and broad curriculum which raises aspirations, inspires  positive behaviour, promoting a change to life- long learning.


To work with parents and stake holders to provide a nurturing and welcoming provision that caters for the needs of our community.


 To provide our learners with the resources, support and guidance they need to succeed in both education and life''



'Giving all young people the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their background or life circumstances'


Case Study : Learner A

Learner 'A' joined our school in 2016 following an exclusion from the alternative provision where he was placed.  He was very reluctant to join in any classroom sessions and had no confidence in his academic potential, choosing disruption of class rather than joining in any lessons.

Over time  we looked to gradually introduce additional sessions, concentrating on his perceived weak areas. This gave him confidence in overcoming some of his barriers to learning he faced. In addition to this he was given workshop sessions where he found a real talent for Joinery. It was in this area that he excelled. He showed patience and understanding when working with his tutors which wasnt evident when learning in a classroom.

Learner A is now working as an Apprentice Joiner with a local company and has flourished in this environment. By his own admission he never enjoyed working in a classroom. Like so many of our learners he  has struggled until he arrived with us, he found academic learning extremely difficult. What changed in Learner A was the realisation that students should not always be judged purely on their academic abilities. He held a real passion and drive when it came to workshop learning, but he also understood that to get to the destination he craved which was employment as a joiner he had to work at some of the things he did not like which was classroom sessions.

Learner A is a great advertisement of perseverance, skill and determination in overcoming weaknesses.  We wish our Learner A every success as a Joiner.


Case Study : Learner B

Learner B joined our provision following exclusions from a number of other mainstream schools. She was subject to local authority care,  spent a great deal of time reported as missing from home and there were real fears of where she might be found. Learner B was an angry young lady who had faced considerable adversity in her young life and was shut off from professionals who were there to try and help her.

When she first started at our School all of the previous behavioural issues were very apparent. She did not want to work, attend or behave whilst in School and she also became threatening when challenged by staff.  All learner B craved was exclusion from another provision and her behaviour reflected this attitude.

Despite the very real challenges school faced we continued with our ethos, which is to make sure we provide every opportunity to build and to provide a stable platform for our learners. When adversity came we worked together to show Learner B that we would remain resolute and would always have a place for her within our school. Over time behaviours began to change and she saw us as a supportive influence rather than one which would write her off at the first available opportunity. This brought about a new found respect and this culminated in learner B leaving with excellent academic results in 2017.

It was with real sadness that we said goodbye to her when she moved onto further education following her school leaving age. We have no doubt Learner B will make a fantastic professional in her chosen field and are very happy to have influenced her in a positive way during her time with us.