Testimonial 11

“Orchard school has literally saved my boy from educational disaster. Before he joined this wonderful setting he hated school. He had such bad experiences with other children and with staff and he displayed many challenging behaviours that his school was not equipped or trained to deal with. At Orchard school, he is supported in every way that can be thought of. which makes me, as a carer feel happy and confident that he will have a great day. Any incidents have been dealt with in a perfectly timed and reasonable manner and staff know him inside and out, which shows the effort and time staff have put into getting to know him and making his school day the best possible.

Nothing has ever been too much trouble, and I am also supported by staff and always feel welcomed to ask questions or to put any worries across – which have always been addressed and dealt with. I cannot express how amazing the staff are in building such great relationships with him. His class Teacher, telephones me straight away  informing me of any concerns and without that I would be left in the dark, it means that I then can follow up these concerns either myself or by a GP visit.  I am so grateful that we have a fabulous relationship with each other and it means we are all working together to get the best out of him. The dedication of all staff involved in making his school day go well and making him feel part of a team is wonderful. His welfare and needs come first at school and he has such a great relationship with all staff and is clearly valued by all. He is listened to and he has a voice.”