Learners from Orchard School in Grimsby Donate Gifts To The Elderly

Pupils from The Orchard School, a special school for children with additional needs aged 11 to 16 years based across three sites in Grimsby, are collecting and donating a range of gifts for elderly residents who will be spending this Christmas alone.

The children budgeted, carefully planned what items they were going to purchase, went to the shop to purchase the items, carefully wrapped and packed the shoeboxes, and even wrote personalised letters and Christmas cards for the recipients.

Steve Broderick, Executive Principal at The Orchard, said: “This was a great opportunity for the children to make someone’s day this Christmas. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own family gatherings, gifts and celebrations, and forget that there are many, particularly elderly residents locally, who will be spending the day on their own. The children put so much effort into the gifts they chose and messages they wrote, they were so keen to try and make a difference”.

Class teacher Ashleigh, who led the project, said: “The lady who received the donations and will arrange distribution and delivery, was overwhelmed with how well the learners had done and how much effort they had put into it. She even commented on how emotional she felt. She told us that it will really make someone’s day this Christmas”.

For more information about The Orchard School, please visit www.orchardhumber.co.uk, email info@orchardhumber.co.uk or call 01472 898498.